depression resources

a national organisation devoted to increasing awareness and understanding of depression in the community. Its website contains useful depression resources (including people's personal experiences of depression) and information on current initiatives. beyondblue also provides a 24 hour telephone information service which is available to provide information on depression and anxiety and advice on how to get help, where to get services and support Australia-wide. 

a not-for-profit, educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in depression and bipolar disorder.

a depression website provided by the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University & CSIRO Mathematical & Information Sciences (CMIS) . Provides many useful resources

an organisation dedicated to helping people with depression and mood disorders, their families and friends. The DMDA website contains a range of informative articles and publications and contact details for support groups for people with mood disorders.

featuring regular stories from around the world on overcoming depression.

a free online cognitive behaviour therapy program provided by the Centre for Mental Health Research

a US website, content developed by Dr Michael Yapko, author of some good quality books on depression and related topics.

a website provided by the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly devoted to helping people with mental illness optimise their lifestyle.

a US site that aims to operate as a `clearinghouse' for information about major depression, manic depression (Bipolar Disorder), cyclothymia, dysthymia and other mood disorders and their effective treatment.

this US site carries a comprehensive article on the neurobiology of depression.

this project was conceived by Waltraud Reiner, a milliner with personal experience of depression and a wish to use the creativity behind hat design as a means of raising awareness of depression and anxiety in the community.

offers information, help and peer-based support to people living with depression in the workplace.