Friday, 5 November 2010

Day Twenty Three

something you crave a lot

Food is my weakness. I don't drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, gamble or have any other addictions apart from food. When it comes to food I have no control over myself what-so-ever, this may explain why I am a much larger size than I would like to be. 

Once I get it in my head that I feel like eating something I will obsess about it until I eat that thing. My most common weaknesses/cravings are chips (in a packet or hot) with lots of salt, brie cheese and chocolate (at a certain time of the month). 

Chips is the worst, I have been a chip addict since I was little. At the moment Kettle Salted are my favourite as they are really really salty, followed closely by Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream. I also occassionally have cravings for some old school favourites like Twisties (cheese or chicken), Burger Rings or Cheezels. Once I start a packet I struggle to stop myself from eating the whole thing and have been known to make myself feel sick.

I have also recently developed a craving for Salted Slightly Sweet Popcorn. It is not as sweet as caramel popcorn and is still a little bit salty.

Sometimes I wish I was an alcoholic instead


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