Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Day Twenty Nine

in this past month, what have you learned

Obviously by 'this past month' it refers to the time period I was supposed to have completed the challenge in and so because it has taken me longer than a month I will talk about what I have learned since I started the challenge last year.

Of course the first thing I have learned (or perhaps reinforced) is that I am not good at maintaining consistency!! In fact I don't know that I have learned anything that I didn't already know, just reminded my self of some things I had forgotten. These things, in no particular order, are listed below

  • I love to write
  • (As I already said) I am not good at maintaining consistency
  • Somethings are harder to talk about that others
  • I don't have to be sad to be able to write
  • Sharing things about my life helps other people who are in the same situation or headspace and thought they were alone
  • It is too easy to procrastinate instead of write
  • I LOVE to write! ;)


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