Saturday, 16 July 2011

Radio Free Albemuth

As a fan of the movies adapted from the writing of Philip K Dick I was very excited to see this adaptation of the story of the same name. Dealing with dream visions, messages from beyond, communists, social control, oppression of civil rights, aliens and lasers it is Dick's most autobiographical novel. The story and film both feature a character named after Dick and several plot elements based on actual events from his life.

The film contains several familiar faces, though none of them as well known as god herself, Alanis Morrisette (a personal favourite). The ensemble cast performed well, creating likable (or unlikeable if necessary)characters that were easy to become involved with. I was invested in the story and the fates of each player, hoping for the best. There were times the story moved slowly, where perhaps the director could have been a bit more ruthless with the editing (the lack of ruthlessness may be because the director was also the writer of the screenplay). The pacing would however have to be my only complaint, the actors performed superbly and the screenwriting and cinematography were fantastic and while the special effects were a little rough around the edges it's hard to be too harsh on the filmmakers who I'm sure had a limited budget for such things.

It is obvious that this was a movie that those involved truly cared about. For those of you expecting Blade Runner or Total Recall I implore you to put aside your expectations before you see this movie. This is an indie film that strives, above all else, to tell a story and what a story it is!


Anonymous said...

Blade Runner would have been much better if Alanis Morrisette played Rachel, but she would have been a bit young i guess. Don't think she's got all the necessary equipment for a triple-chested role in Total Recall, mind you.

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