Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Things I Love: The Masterplan 2012 Family Diary

As the mother of three children, with one about to start high school I know that next year I will need to be more organised than I ever have before! Miss 13 has been accepted into a specialist music program and there will be lots of after school commitments. When I saw the Masterplan Diary I knew it was exactly what I needed!

The Diary has a week to a page and has a section where you can record individual activities for each family member. There is also a box at the start of each week where you can record the important to-dos for the week and a section where the dedicated meal planner can record the dinners for the week. This is the perfect diary for mums!

The added bonus for me is that not only is it a highly functional diary it is so very pretty! You can buy your very own from NoteMaker. (one of my favourite websites)


Rhona Bolger said...

I need to get one of these!!

Me said...

That looks lovely. I couldn't do with a diary although now I have a blackberry I don't write anything any more. I miss not writing things down but it is so much handier having everything in my phone - with reminders and alarms !!

Anonymous said...

There's nothing better than writing down the work you've got to do instead of doing the work you've got to do!

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