Thursday, 1 December 2011

Mission Codename

As part of my desire to be a better (or just more consistent) blogger I have been reading other people's blog posts about how to be just that.

One article I read said that in order to make readers feel more engaged with your blog you should refer to your children by cute pseudonyms rather than as master 5, master 10 and miss 13. I don't know if that's true or not but I thought maybe I should start using code names for my tribe. The husband already has his codename (HSP or Husband Shaped Person) so I'm going to start using the following - Princess Bob (miss 13), Stinky Pete (master 10) and Base Jumping Burley (master 5).

I would love to be able to explain to you where these nicknames originated but then that would negate the use of code names as I'd have to tell you their actual names. Well, except for Stinky Pete, which came about for a fairly obvious (and embarrassing on his 21st birthday) reason. Also the base jumping part is because Burley has been to the emergency rooms more times than everyone else combined! Plus he's very full on!

So I'll try and remember to use them and you guys try and remember who the hell I'm talking about! That way we can all be more engaged!


Anonymous said...

I've never liked HSP. It's like he's not really a husband, he's just shaped like one? I guess, of all the things to be shaped like, it's not that bad.

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