Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Unsent Letters: Christians


First let me say I don't dislike all Christians. I know some very lovely people who happen to identify themselves as Christian. Religion is not generally something I think about when I am assessing a person and I don't usually categorize someone by their religion. I do however categorize them by their words and their actions. I don't like extremism of any kind whether it be Christian, Muslim, Islam, Feminism, Unionism etc.

I'd also like to say that I am not an Atheist (so sorry, that argument isn't going to work). I believe in god, or the universe, or that there is something more to the world than what we can see and touch. I'm not sure what that god looks like I have some general ideas but I have pretty firm beliefs as to what he doesn't look like.

I don't believe that god ( I will use that word for now as it is the easiest identifier) would want people to kill each other because one group of people believes in one depiction of god and the other group believe in a different one. I don't believe god would insist that there was a right religion and wrong religions. I don't believe that god would send someone that was in so much pain and darkness that they felt the need to take their own life to hell. I don't believe god is about punishment and hate. I don't believe god is a way to get to some white shiny place called heaven. I don't believe that god thinks Margaret Court is a good person. I don't believe god supports freedom of speech at all costs, especially when that freedom breeds hatred, violence and denial of rights. I don't believe that a book written 2000 years ago by some men contains the actual beliefs and viewpoints of god. I believe religion is used as a tool to control the masses and that the bible is their greatest weapon.

So what do I think god is? I recently read something that made me stop and think about why I view god the way I do (its a book that I'm reading, I'll blog about it when I'm finished). It suggests that we base our views of god on our perception of our parents. So perhaps that's why I feel the way I do about god, because my mum is one of the good ones. I believe god is caring and loving and compassionate and understanding. I believe god tries not to judge and always finds a way to forgive. I believe god wants everyone to be happy even if he doesn't agree with our decisions. I believe god doesn't interfere with our lives and hopes that when faced with tough decisions we will make the right ones. I believe that when we make the wrong decisions god keeps on believing that we can do better.

So what does all of this have to do with anything? Well my friend Ben Pobjie wrote two pieces in response to the hatred breeding vileness that came out of Margaret Court's mouth and in response lots of "Christians" on twitter told him what a disgusting human being he was and how they love Margaret and that they believe the word of God. Now I know not all Christians are against homosexuality and/or gay marriage so I'm sorry for lumping you in with the others. For those "Christians" that use the bible to justify their fear and hatred I ask why is it only the bits of the bible that fit your outlook that you want to talk about?

The bible contains lots of dos and don'ts that nobody pays any attention to any more because they just aren't convenient. Well I call BULLSHIT! You can't just pull out an ancient piece of text because you want to prove a point. How the hell do you have any idea what god thinks about sexuality?! My beliefs about god could be completely misguided, why couldn't yours? Why are you so unwilling to open your minds and ask questions? You can still have faith and question things.

I am more than willing to have a constructive and mature discussion about this blog and my thoughts on religion but don't come at me with that bible talk because its irrational and not proof in any way shape or form. I support gay marriage because I believe everyone should have a chance to be happy. I'm not saying that all gay people should get married because that would be ridiculous. Not everyone wants to get married, heterosexual or homosexual. It's about choices. Why shouldn't everyone be offered the same choices and opportunities? Religion shouldn't have anything to do with it.


Cassandra Louise said...

A wonderful post! Thank you so much for writing it, you are truly inspiring! Jesus never taught us to hate.

tif said...

Sometimes I just need to get things off my chest :) Thanks for reading and commenting xx

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