Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Confessions of a Fat Girl: 1 Million Kilo Challenge Update

So I've been very slack in blogging about my weight loss journey and so much has happened since I began the 1 Million Kilo Challenge.

I've been sticking to the general foundation of the eating plan but making changes to suit my tastes and adapting things to suit being made as family meals. I've been eating breakfast nearly every morning, only missing it when I was unwell and when I made it and then forgot to eat it one morning!

I haven't been following the exercise plan exactly, I've been walking at least 6 mornings a week but I haven't been doing the extra exercises they recommended. I have however joined a gym. It wasn't something I really thought I'd be able to find the money for but then I found a gym I liked the sound of and the off peak membership was very reasonably priced. So I bit the bullet and committed to exercising for the next 12 months.

So far I've been to a body combat class, which I loved, a body pump class, that left me unable to walk properly for several days and a Zumba class, which was great fun but left me feeling like an absolute unco!

I've also had some sessions with a personal trainer as part of my membership. The idea of which is to set up some exercises for me to do to make sure I'm not just pointlessly wearing myself out. After the third session with my personal trainer I felt like I was going to die! It was hard work and I am so terribly unfit!

But all and all the last (almost) 6 weeks have been amazingly wonderful. I have lost 8.2 kgs since starting the challenge and 9.2kgs since I wrote my first Confessions of a Fat Girl post. If I lose 1.4kgs this week I will be down to 89.9kgs and I will be so amazingly happy to have a weight that starts with an 8!!

I still have around 20 - 26kgs to lose but it seems so much more achievable now that I'm on my way. I also want to say a big thank you to all my wonderful cheerleaders on twitter and facebook! Your support really means so much to me!


Me said...

Well done - you are doing an amazing job !!! Keep it up and before you know the scales will be showing you a number starting with an 8 - looking forward to reading about it when it happens !

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