Friday, 24 February 2012

Things I Love: Limited Edition Lego Moleskin Notebooks!!

My Lego Moleskin notebooks arrived today and to say I was excited would e an understatement! Two of my favourite things in the world are Lego an notebooks so these are practically made for me!

There are 4 different notebooks, each with a different cover design. There are two of each of the sizes (A5 and A6 approx) with the option of ruled or blank. They are made to the usual high standard set by Moleskin and all feature a built in pocket inside the back cover and a set of amazing Lego stickers!

I got mine from the fabulous folk over at and you should too! (their shop is full of so much awesome)


Cassandra Louise said...

That's wonderful! I love Lego things so much! :-D

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