Monday, 29 October 2012

30 Day Challenge Again - Day Three

a picture of you and your friends

the 2010 day three blog post can be found here however all the picture links from my old posts seem to be broken :(

This is some pics of my most favourite people in the whole world

These photos are from my birthday last month and sadly not all my favourite people could be there
Me & Clint

Justin & Me

Karen & Me

Me & Marie

Me & Mill

Sean & Me

Me & Simon

Me & Tina
Tina F, Me, Jackie & my Mum
Here's some pics of friends I either don't have pics of me with or don't have recent pics together

Ben & Bec

Erin & Me
If I had a pic of Suzie I'd add that as well but sadly I don't! Must remedy that!


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