Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Wednesday's Child: Screw the woe, I'm ready to go!

Today the hsp and I fly out of the country with some of our favourite people! I'm hoping that a holiday will be just what the doctor ordered (except he didn't really because I've been avoiding him). I've been a bit flat the last week or so and so hopefully some tropical weather, massages, lounging and sight seeing will brighten my mood.

This is the first time the hsp has ever left the country and the first time for me since I was 14. We're very excited and can't wait to explore. We will be travelling with the very lovely, very experienced (at travelling, no comment on anything else) and completely delightful Kacy & Grum (and the dinos). They have given us heaps of awesome travel tips so far and I'm sure they will be very useful in helping us to not die. The lovely Devar (Ben), will also be flying with us and he is an international travel virgin too. Excite!

Our forward scouting party, Kat and Luke, arrived on Monday and have hopefully found all the best places to see, do, eat and relax. I know Kat has already tried out the massages, and they seem to be doing a great job making sure that the pool is ok ;)

Grum & Kacy have a fantastic travel blog filled with lots of helpful tips and hints and awesome adventures. You can find it over here and Kat has written a awesome post about not dying over at her blog, here.

The overseas adventures mean I probably won't be blogging again til Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Try not to be too sad.


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