Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Unsent Letter: Dear Broken Little Girl

Dear Broken Little Girl

You've got the world fooled. With your masks and your costumes. With the illusion you have created. I'm not fooled anymore, I see who you truly are. I see the little girl terrified of revealing any weakness or cracks. The little girl who uses people for what they can do for her and then casts them aside until she needs them once more.

I used to look at you and think you were so much more than me, that I was so much less. Now I realise that you will never be as much as me. Not until you are willing to be wrong, to be imperfect, to be fragile and vulnerable and human. Anybody can do what you do, yet you doubt my ability. You think you are so grown up and in control, but you're not. Everything you stand against, you have been. Everything you fight for, you've never endured. You are an empty shadow trying to fill yourself up at the expense of others.

You once told me that I should learn to put myself first and say no. Well I've learnt. I'll never let myself be used by you again. I can see the real you and I don't like who I see.

Love me


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