Monday, 6 January 2014

How to do all the things

I am so tired of people telling other people how to do any and all of the things. What words you can say if you're over 30, what music to like, what movies are ok to admit you enjoy, how you should be using your phone, facebook, instagram, twitter, toothbrush, kitchen sink, how you should live your life, spend more time being in the moment, not be on antisocial social media, what you should and shouldn't feel good or bad about, how people should or shouldn't be parents, women, men, feminists, activist, human beings. It just goes on and on.

Here's an idea. If you don't like the way I do things or the words I say you have two choices. If you genuinely like me then you can choose to put up with the things about me that don't mesh 100% with the way you live your life (as I do with many of the people I love when it's not a deal breaker like racism or violence) or you can remove me from your facebook, twitter, instagram, life. That's it. Those are your two options. You can not change people to fit your view of the world, believe me I've tried. It will just make you tired and angry and sad and tired. It is pointless.

Just because you feel like you are missing important parts of your life by using your mobile phone does not mean that I think I am. Just because you think someone over 30 shouldn't use the word totes does not mean I am going to stop saying it. I don't think anyone should eat processed foods including bread, pasta, snack foods, low-fat food items, etc etc and while I try to communicate my opinions where possible and roll my eyes when I see people making bad food choices, it does not stop me from making my own choices in line with my belief system. In fact it doesn't affect me in any way. Sometimes I go a little bit over the top with my views but I'm trying to stop. I'm trying to remember that my views are mine and mine alone, shaped by my life, just as yours have been shaped the same way. After all, I can't force you to be right ;)

So in the infamous words of some song by some people, maybe its time to live and let live. Its great for you that you've had some new epiphany and its really changed the way you choose to live your life. Just remember that if I don't ask about it, I probably totes don't give a shit.


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